23 juli 2018

Lied van de week: week 30 - 2018

Blueberry jam - Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Het is altijd leuk om, zoals dit keer op Twitter, te ontdekken dat Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (Will Oldham) een nieuwe single uit heeft en zulk nieuws stelt ook zelden teleur. Ook dit keer is het weer een heel leuke song geworden, die ik graag in deze reeks met jullie deel.

Je kan deze single hier kopen.


[Verse 1]

When life is tough and very scary

My wife and I, we chomp a blueberry

When hardship comes, well we don't tarry

We rush to the fields and pick some blueberry

When future days are hot and hairy

When Christmas threatens to not be merry

When weighted down with more'n we can carry

We drop everything and eat a blueberry

[Verse 2]

When the liquor cabinet's out of sherry

And no-one can answer my eternal query

And I can't reach my dear aunt Teri

I know I can savor a juicy blueberry

When world leaders acts like Moe, Curly and Larry

And even the Buddhists get leery and wary

And there's too much falling to dodge and to parry

Why not relax and try a blueberry?

[Verse 3]

When the hatchet you threw in the hole won't stay buried (And the last bus left for Tucumcari)

And the world feels like a mortuary (Everything's just too temporary)

And everyone's creamer's gone non-dairy (The Devil's joined the seminary)

When the rivers flood at Harpers Ferry (And the voices are silent in Tipperary)

Wife asks "ready?" and you scream "very!"

Wouldn't waste no time (Let's be smooth like Fred Astaire, he)

I'll eat your blueberries and you eat mine

We'll be fine!

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