03 maart 2017

Lied van de week: week 9 - 2017

Ballad of the dying man - Father John Misty

Wanneer Father John Misty een nieuwe single uitbrengt, is dat hier ten huize altijd reden om met een gelukzalige glimlach rond te lopen. Ik kijk dan ook erg uit naar de nieuwe plaat, maar eerst is er dus deze single.

Je vindt dit nummer op Pure comedy, het nieuwe album dat verschijnt op 7 april en dat je hier alvast kan bestellen.


Naturally the dying man wonders to himself:
Has commentary been more elusive than anybody else?
And had he successfully beaten back the rising tide
Of idiots, dilettantes, and fools
On his watch while he was alive
Lord, just a little more time

Oh, in no time at all
This'll be the distant past

So says the dying man once I'm in the box
Just think of all the overrated hacks running amok
And all of the pretentious, ignorant voices that will go unchecked
The homophobes, hipsters, and 1%
The false feminists he'd managed to detect
Oh, who will critique them once he's left?

Oh, in no time at all
This'll be the distant past

What he'd give for one more day to rate and analyze
The world made in his image as of yet
To realize what a mess to leave behind

Eventually the dying man takes his final breath
But first checks his news feed to see what he's 'bout to miss
And it occurs to him a little late in the game
We leave as clueless as we came
For the rented heavens to the shadows in the cave
We'll all be wrong someday


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