01 november 2015

Lied van de week: week 44 - 2015

Gloria - The Black Box Revelation

Bij The Black Box Revelation heb ik gemengde gevoelens. Enkele van hun singles zijn top, andere zijn dan weer maar middelmatig. Maar dit keer hebben ze opnieuw een topnummer weten te maken en dat maakt me blij en ik ben (bijna) bereid hen hun mindere nummers te vergeven...

Het nummer staat op het album Highway cruiser dat je hier kan kopen.


Talking to myself
Mam what's going on
When Mississipe life guards gives me a calling
I say Gloria
Oh Gloria
Found this bottled letter
Sender unknown
Address is to you boy
What should we do
I said Gloria
Oh Gloria
We need that letter but first come down
I didn't know what was coming my way
Just way too beautiful don't know what to say
So washing my mouth while they read that thing
Blown by emotions hearing their tears
I was like Gloria
Oh gloria
They kept on crying while reading on
I had a feeling what was coming my way
Tears blowing out of my phone like heavy rain
Mighty Mississipi started crying along
That crazy water flooded my whole town
That letter may never ??
Like a child that never tasted chocolate that sweet
Over there the river beds are drying
While here the whole town dissapeared
Now that I got stuck in this flooded place
I better figure out how to get the water back
Get the water back
To the bottled letter where it all began
To the bottled letter where it all began

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