04 september 2015

Lied van de week: week 36 - 2015

Summer's leaving - Douglas Firs

Hoe goed ik het optreden van Douglas Firs vond op Pukkelpop, kan je hier nog eens nalezen. En kijk, vandaag brengt hij toch wel een nieuwe single uit zeker! Mét clip en al!

Je kan het album The long answer is no nog steeds hier kopen. Mijn recensie van het album lees je hier.


When I met her she was wearing something green I didn't like
She was showing me a lot of useless things I didn't have
I was telling her a story with a joke, but she didn't laugh
She just said "stay a little longer"

She told me all about how she wished that she was born in some other time
About everyone who didn't understand what she was like
All the dreams she lost while looking for some truth she couldn't find
And by the time I had my answer she was already gone

Oh, summer's leaving and she's about to do the same
Oh, I can't believe it, that we will let this slip away

While we tried to hide our faces from the wind, she got to me
She said "man, at times like these it all becomes so very clear:
There's a meanness all around us and a beauty to fear"
So I stayed a little longer

We found a bench on which a famous guy had spent his loneliness
So I asked her how she thought we got ourselves into this mess
She took some time to think, then answered "it's just growing up, I guess"
And by the time I had my answer she was already gone

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