05 december 2014

Lied van de week: week 49 - 2014

Motion sickness - Shabazz Palaces

Shabazz Palaces was voor mij totaal onbekend, tot ik dit jaar hun nieuwe album Lese majesty hoorde. Het sloeg bij mij in als een bom en het behoort voor mij tot het beste dat dit jaar uitgebracht werd. Geniet alvast van deze single.

Je kan het album hier bestellen.


I asked the cat. Why’d you do all that man? And the hustler said, "It’s a high climb to the gallows."

Crime related
Trap located
Strap to spray it
If you face the case
You faded
Player you’d have never made it
And although the state delayed it
And you been equated
Sent you back up on the pavement
This one here is dedicated
The mistakes you’ve made
Is seasons grown
Castles raided
Fortunes blown
Sides was faded
Spouses gone
Much too later
Ten toes down cause to the gangsters rules you catered
Saw shit through a nigga that you knew was layed out

Ah moneys no object
You spending cash out of all four pockets
Your girl rocking lockets
Your goons pop the rockets
Apply the big four link, you are not it

A hood pedigree of syndicates and felonies
A gene structure more lustrous than the bustas
He in the fast life ultimate
Grind, break rules, shake and bake, scratch and scrape
Don’t start no potential for sales
Fiends lined up like the crows on the fence at Ezell's
It ain’t hard to tell boy, you all aglow
Everyone knowin’ now you in the show
Retainers paid out
Trying to map the play out
The streets is undefeated
Really now there ain’t no way out
The world is closing up
Go re-up
Fix your cut
Feel your eyes?
Sky your chains
And maybe you can style a truck


Plots and capers
Lots of flavors
Knots of paper
Watch your neighbors
Wondering who’s real or fakers

We in the breezeway
To be us it takes leaps of faith

The main question
You don’t ever ask it
History say it's the casket or the basket
You like “pass that, lets get blasted and masked up”
The wiz kid who could parlay like a diplomat
The last place you could think of where they’d get you at
80 miles from your sink where they sit you at
Life's a bitch treat her good or she’ll get you back

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