05 december 2013

Lied van de week: week 49 - 2013

Nothing stays the same - Luke Sital-Singh

Ineens dook de naam Luke Sital-Singh overal op: muziekblogs, Facebook,... Ik verwachtte me aan injecties van Oosterse muziek in een strak westers jasje (zoals bij Talvin Singh), maar niets bleek minder waar. De 25-jarige Londenaar is een singer-songwriter, die intussen al drie ep's op de wereld losliet. Met deze single zou hij wel eens een doorbraak kunnen forceren...

Je kan de ep Tornados, waarop dit nummer te vinden is, hier kopen.


I can taste it in my mouth
I am hanging upside down
All the faces gathered round
To wait and see, to breath relief
To call my name for the first time

Cry your heart out
Fill your lungs up
We all hurt
We all lie
And nothing stays the same

I can face it just about
I'd rather hurt than live without
I will rage and scream and shout
A life, a love, it's dark and bright
It's beautiful and it's alright

To cry your heart out
Fill your lungs up
We all hurt
We all lie
And nothing stays the same

Let your guard down
Get your heart pounded
We all bleed
We all breathe
And nothing stays the same
We hold out
For someday
But nothing stays the same

We all believe in something that'll rip us into shreds
We all know why it stings to open wide your chest
We all show signs of greatness we hope that someone sees
Our broken teeth are scattered but we're smiling underneath
A thousand bruising muscles still we're running on and on
We all know names that ring like thunder rattling our walls
Everyone is yearning for a reason for a cause
Something deep inside to hold onto for dear life

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